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We are currently taking enrolments for our six existing St Nicholas Early Education centres: Cardiff, Chisholm, Lochinvar, Newcastle West, Raymond Terrace and Singleton, as well as enquiries for enrolments at our three future centres, opening early 2020: Aranda, Branxton, and Maitland.

At St Nicholas Early Education, we are committed to building bright futures for all children through the delivery of child-centred, play-based and Reggio Emilia-influenced early education. Utilising a curriculum founded on these principles allows children to become active participants in their own learning journey and extend their learning based on their individual strengths and interests.

Building a sense of community is an important element of early education. St Nicholas Early Education believes educators, parents and the surrounding communities are co-collaborators in nurturing each child’s creativity and curiosity.

In the spirit of collaboration, St Nicholas Early Education encourages open, constructive communication between parents and educators, as well as with our team at Head Office.

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If you have any questions about St Nicholas Early Education or any of our centres, please contact us here and a friendly member of the St Nicholas Early Education team will get back to you as soon as possible.

For more information about St Nicholas Early Education, and to stay-up-to-date with what our centres are doing, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Check out our news and information page for the latest stories from St Nicholas Early Education.


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