2017 Year in Review: St Nick’s Newcastle West visits Sacred Heart Cathedral

St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West visits Sacred Heart

The children of Mowane Room at St Nick’s, Newcastle West, visited Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Before leaving St Nicholas, there was a discussion about the church − it’s a place for ‘quiet thinking’ and we needed to use our soft inside voices. The wagon was packed with drink bottles and lunch boxes, and Helene O’Neill accompanied the children as well as their teachers.

As the children moved inside the church, they were fascinated that there was so much to see, especially the windows. They had an opportunity to sit in the pews and ask questions.

Before leaving, the children saw the dome that had fallen off the top of the church during the 1989 Newcastle earthquake, and heard the story of its becoming a memorial to those who lost their lives.

The visit to the cathedral was about exposure to, and respect for, the local community. Children gain a better understanding of their world by being immersed in, and involved with, what’s around them. 

St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West

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