Parent testimonial | Britt a mum at St Nicholas Early Education Cardiff


Britt is a mother of four-year-old twin girls who both attend St Nicholas Early Education Cardiff.

Britt’s experience at St Nicholas Early Education Cardiff

She loves sending her children to St Nick’s because she feels that it’s a beautiful learning environment with a warm and welcoming team of educators. Britt also appreciates the centre’s Transition to School Program because it’s preparing her children for their advancement to primary education.

The Transition to School Program encourages a smooth transition to school for both children and their parents. St Nicholas works collaboratively with families to help facilitate each individual child’s efficient and effective transition to formal schooling.

“They’ve got a fantastic preschool program. With my girls going off to school really soon, that’s a big concern of mine, making sure they’re ready,” Britt says of the program.

When Britt arrives at St Nicholas each morning, she feels at ease knowing her two girls are ready and excited to play and learn with their friends and educators whilst utilising the centre’s many wonderful facilities. When she returns in the afternoon, she likes that she can look around and enjoy the wonderful creative projects her girls have worked on, or visit their floor book and see what they’ve been learning.

Floor books document each child’s learning experience and provide a developmental timeline for parents to follow along with throughout their child’s time at St Nicholas.

“When I walk through the door in the afternoon, I can go and visit the floor book and see what they’ve done through the day – it’s where they document all their learning,” Britt says.

Outside of the centre, Britt loves that she’s kept regularly updated via emails and a closed Facebook group, which keeps parents up-to-date with what’s going on at St Nicholas Early Education Cardiff.

Britt and her children have also attended a number of community events the centre has hosted, including its Open Day, Mother’s Day Morning Tea and Father’s Day Breakfast, all of which she enjoyed for the opportunity to spend time with her children, their educators and other families.

St Nicholas hosts events like these to create an environment that encourages active participation from parents, to create a sense of belonging to the St Nicholas community.

“It was really lovely to spend time with my children in their room,” Britt says of community events like these.

Enrolling your child at St Nicholas Early Education

St Nicholas Early Education is now taking enrolments for 2019. Contact us to learn more about enrolling your child.

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