Acknowledgement of Country at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West


St Nicholas Early Education recognises the diversity of cultures within Australia and is always looking for opportunities for all children to learn from, appreciate and respect these cultures.

To help encourage this, educators and children at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West take time each day to acknowledge the original owners of the land on which the centre is built, the Awabakal Nation.

The ceremony sounds like this:

We at St Nicholas

would like to say thank you

to the Awabakal Nation

for letting us share their land 

We promise to look after it,

the animals and people too

Hello land,

hello sun,

hello everyone.

The Early Years Learning Framework (2009) states, “When educators establish respectful and caring relationships with children and families, they are able to work together to construct curriculum and learning experiences relevant to children in their local context”

Multicultural and Aboriginal awareness at St Nicholas Early Education

Educators work multicultural and Aboriginal awareness into their day-to-day educational program. Using resources such as books, music, crafts, cooking and dance, educators work collaboratively with children and their families to create a learning environment that is both accepting and respectful of all cultures and customs.

This innate level of acceptance and respect helps children of all different backgrounds to feel accepted and understood as young learners.

The same acceptance and respect is shown to families, as St Nicholas Early Education believes that families play the most important part in the life of their child and a strong link between home and care has been shown to foster positive outcomes for children’s development.

Enrolling your child at St Nicholas Early Education

St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West is now taking enquiries and enrolments for it’s soon to open expansion. To learn more, contact us here.

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