Parent testimonial | Bonnie a mum at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West


Bonnie is a mum of two young children attending St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West. Bonnie is grateful for the nurturing environment educators in our Newcastle West centre provide for her children.

“I’m just so fortunate that both of my children can come to St Nicholas and experience a nurturing environment,” Bonnie says. 

“For me, dropping my kids off every day, knowing that they’re in a safe environment, they’re loved, they’re cared for, to me that means the world,” Bonnie continues. “I don’t have to go to work worrying about where they are, what they’re doing or who is looking after them.”

Bonnie also appreciates St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West’s close proximity to her workplace. Having her children nearby throughout the day means she is able to pop in on her lunch break if she wants to.

Bonnie’s youngest daughter has been attending Newcastle West since she was six-weeks-old. Speaking of leaving her daughter in someone else’s care from such a young age, Bonnie says: “Trust is so important. It’s always so difficult to leave your children. 

“My youngest daughter was here from six-weeks-old. Progressing through all of the stages in that first year of learning for her was so important. To be able to leave my child for eight hours each day and knowing there would be no issues was comforting.”

Nursery program at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West

Due to the increasing number of parents working in Newcastle’s CBD, there has been a growing demand within our nursery program at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West. 

To meet this demand, we are undertaking an expansion of our Newcastle West centre which will see our nursery program grow from a single 12-place nursery to multiple small group nurseries with a collective capacity of 32-places. 

Our expanded nursery program will give parents working in the CBD a greater sense of security and increased convenience as they will have their children nearby throughout the work day.

The expansion of our Newcastle West early education centre is scheduled to be completed January 2020.

Enrol now at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West

Enrolments are now open for our Newcastle West centre’s expanded services. To learn more about enrolling your child, contact us here

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