Brittney’s journey from educator to Co-Centre Director


St Nicholas Early Education understands that educators are the first and best resource when it comes to the delivery of a child-centred, play-based curriculum.

With this in mind, educators at St Nick’s are provided with regular and varied opportunities for professional development to support their growth both individually and as part of a team.

One educator whose career has been supported in such a way is Brittney Miller, Co-Centre Director of St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West.

Brittney had worked in privately-owned child care centres for 11 years prior to commencing her journey with St Nicholas Early Education, but craved the additional support and ongoing development that a well-established agency like St Nick’s provides.

“Having a support system and shared services really means a lot to me because it takes that load off,” Brittney says.

“It allows me to really focus on developing an educational program for the children, the really beautiful relationships that we have with our families, and making sure that we offer a high-quality service without being preoccupied by the other bits and pieces that need to be done.”

Career pathways

St Nicholas’ support of its educators doesn’t stop there either. There are clear career pathways available for educators interested in progressing within the organisation.

“I’ve been at St Nicholas now for 12 months and I originally started as a Room Leader / Diploma Educator at our Cardiff service,” Brittney explains.

“I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to come to our Newcastle West service and take on an educational leader role. Since then, I’ve progressed further and have recently been offered the position of Job-Share Director of Newcastle West.”

Professional development

Brittney says her rapid and supported progression within St Nick’s is owed to the agency’s ongoing commitment to professional development: “For me, professional development is really important within the early childhood sector because there are always things that are evolving and adapting and we can always learn to do things better.”

One thing I really love about St Nicholas is the value that they place on professional development. Any courses that our educators want to go to or any value that they think they would benefit from, we really advocate for that and there’s a lot of support for that.”

“I’m really lucky to be working for St Nicholas,” Brittney concludes, “because there are those opportunities to have job succession and those opportunities to grow and develop my skills, to further myself in the early childhood industry.”

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