How the children of St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar are caring for our planet


St Nicholas Early Education actively embeds sustainable practices into everyday centre operations by encouraging and supporting children to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment.

Furthermore, our educational programs reflect our commitment to providing opportunities for children to develop skills in and knowledge of sustainability and to become socially responsible in our community.

At St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar, educator Cory is part of a number of centre-wide initiatives designed to reduce the centre’s carbon footprint.

St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar’s sustainability competition

“At St Nicholas we have a lot of dedication to bettering our sustainable practices,” Cory says. “We’ve recently had a competition around sustainability where each room has been individually responsible for creating something sustainable.”

“In the preschool room they’ve created some herb gardens, which they’ve made out of old milk bottles. In our room we made a ‘transport corner’, which we’ve made out of materials donated from local businesses. Caltex gave us their old newspapers, which we used to make a road. We had a donation of boxes, which we used to make box cars.”

But St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there.

St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar’s natural outdoor play spaces

“We have a lovely sustainable environment as well,” Cory adds. “We currently have some capsicums and some corn growing outside, which is really exciting.”

“We [give children the opportunity] to water all of the gardens. They’re picking the [vegetables] and they’re tending to the garden. We actually use a rainwater tank as well, to make sure all of the water is coming from a sustainable source.”

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