Collaborative partnerships at St Nicholas Early Education Raymond Terrace


“The collaboration between parents and educators is something that we really value,” says Millie, the Assistant Centre Director at St Nicholas Early Education Raymond Terrace, said.

“Through each conversation with each family we aim to build a relationship and a partnership. Thi because we know that, for us to be able to achieve the best outcomes for each child in our care and for them to reach their full potential, we have to be on the same page.”

In respecting our families’ beliefs, values and philosophies, St Nicholas Early Education aims to provide an environment that encourages active participation in learning programs to create a sense of belonging to the St Nicholas community.

Families are encouraged to communicate their desires and educational goals for their children so that educators do their best to incorporate these into the learning program.

Millie, who works primarily in the nursery at our Raymond Terrace centre, believes it is crucial to develop strong relationships with families early on in their child’s educational journey.

“In the nursery, we’re the first educators that children have in early education so it is important to create that bond with families.”

She explains, “We have an overall routine for our room but we accommodate each and every child’s routine. For example, if a child is breastfed at a certain time, Mum is more than welcome to come in and sit in our comfy rocking chair while she breastfeeds. We are pretty flexible so, whatever the child is doing at home, we will try and accommodate them here.”

St Nicholas Early Education Raymond Terrace

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