Our commitment to children at St Nicholas Early Education


The St Nicholas Early Education philosophy underpins what we do each and every single day in our centres. It explains the ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ of what our educators are aiming for in their programs. An important part of our philosophy is our commitment to the children in our care.

The curriculum offered at St Nicholas Early Education is built on the Early Years Learning Framework, which looks at a child being, belonging and becoming in early education settings.

When we look at children being in our centres, we look at how St Nicholas Early Education builds resilience for children in group settings. This encapsulates their relationships with our educators and the environments we are creating for children.

When we look at children becoming in our centres, we’re talking about how we can extend their learning. We look at our educational programs and how we can extend children’s interest in those programs.

In terms of a child belonging in our centres, this is an essential part of children belonging to a community. Developing a sense of belonging means we are taking children out into the local community and bringing the community into our centres.

We also welcome members of the community into our centres to talk to the children about things like fire safety, oral hygiene and more.

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