Meet Brittney: Co-Director of St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West


Brittney, Co-Centre Director of St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West, was recently given the opportunity to job share with St Nick’s Newcastle West’s previously solo Director, Emma, after working as a Room Leader at St Nicholas Early Education Cardiff for several months.

“I’ve been in the industry for 12 years now and I’ve spent six years of that time directing early childhood services,” Brittney said of her experience.

What attracted her to St Nicholas, Brittney said, is how closely her own philosophy of early education aligns with that of St Nick’s.

“I’m really passionate about early childhood service and the main reason I wanted to work for St Nicholas is that I feel like they share that passion for what early education is all about.”

“We really focus on the value of the children. We’re really based on play-based learning and the value of children’s interests and what’s important to them and that really big link to the community.”

Newcastle West’s expansive outdoor environment

Another feature of St Nick’s Newcastle West that appealed to Brittney was the centre’s expansive outdoor play environment, an uncommon feature of child care services in Newcastle’s CBD.

“The one thing that I really love about our St Nicholas service is that we are located in the CBD. I think the thing that sets us apart from other services is our massive outdoor play spaces. We’ve got beautiful, natural resources, we’ve got beautiful big trees and we do have that ability to engage the children in natural play.”

In line with St Nicholas’ Reggio Emilia-influenced curriculum, Brittney believes the environment, both indoor and outdoor, should serve as the third teacher to children.

According to this approach, the environment should be welcoming, authentic, aesthetically pleasing, culturally representative of community and filled with purposeful materials.

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