Documentation at St Nicholas Early Education


At St Nicholas Early Education we use a very meaningful and authentic style of documentation and communication which allows both children and families to participate in their children’s learning journey.

When you visit one of our early education centres, you will see we employ a floor book approach. This is based on philosopher Claire Warden’s practice which ensures children are part of their learning and their voice is heard in their learning journey.

Each day, educators sit with the children and work with them to find out what they want to see included in the floor book documentation.

At St Nicholas Early Education we also have portfolios which a child takes with them as they progress through the centre, from the nursery all the way through to completion of our preschool program. These portfolios are accessible to the children and serve as documentation of their time at St Nicholas Early Education.

The programs at St Nicholas Early Education are built out of each child’s unique interest and we scaffold their learning from there.

We want to include the families and we want to include the child’s voice in this learning journey.

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