The children of St Nick’s Lochinvar show us their local community


As part of our commitment to promoting positive relationships with the local community, educators at St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar provide regular opportunities for children to explore and engage with their local community in active and meaningful ways.

On this occasion, educators noticed that children in the preschool room were running low on natural materials for their arts and crafts, so they decided to take the children on a quick excursion over to the neighbouring church grounds to collect some pinecones, sticks, leaves, flowers and anything else they could find that sparked their interest.

The use of natural materials in early education

St Nicholas Early Education employs a Reggio Emilia-influenced approach in its educational program; an approach that has deep roots in nature.

Authentic, natural materials like those collected by the children on their excursion offer rich visual stimuli and hands-on sensory experiences that, when used in play-based learning, allow each child to express themselves creatively.

Community engagement at St Nick’s

We look at children as growing members of their community, so St Nicholas educators nurture this by inviting members of the community into our centres and also taking the children out into their community.

Engaging with experiences outside St Nicholas centres encourages children to be active participants in their world through the experience of brand-new thoughts and feelings associated with a foreign environment.

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