‘It takes purpose, passion and people’: General Operations Manager, Kerri Armstrong, reflects on how far we’ve come


On Saturday 15 June, over 120 educators from every St Nicholas Early Education centre across the Hunter gave up their Saturday to attend a professional development day led by Early Childhood Consultant, Kirsty Liljegren, who specialises in the Reggio Emilia-influenced approach to early education.

Kerri Armstrong, General Operations Manager of St Nicholas Early Education was present to thank educators for their involvement.

She reflected on how far St Nicholas has come in two years and the purpose, passion and people that have contributed to its success.

Read Kerri’s full speech below or watch it in full to the right.

I can’t say enough how overwhelmed I am to see everybody here today. This is an initiative that St Nicholas is really proud of, to have a whole agency together to undertake training once a year, and each year our group just gets bigger and bigger.

I remember two years ago we had Kirsty introduce a Reggio-inspired curriculum to us as an agency. We had two centres then and approximately 45 people in attendance. So today, 120 of you sit in front of us and we are incredibly proud of the six services we have at St Nicholas.

I’m incredibly proud to have everyone here today and I’m very proud of the work we do at St Nicholas, but St Nicholas is about more than my pride – it’s about you as educators. We’re a very successful agency. I think we’ve been able to create a benchmark of quality education in our community.

But it takes more than that; it takes more than one person or one idea or one reason about what we want to do as educators.

It takes a purpose. I’ve always said that quality education is where we want to sit with St Nicholas. We want to be that benchmark in the community. We want to make that pathway to our Catholic schools. We want to be an agency that everyone in our community can be really proud of.

It takes a passion, and anybody who knows me knows that I’m incredibly passionate about quality. I speak a lot about authenticity and about meaningfulness in what we reflect in our programs at work.

And it also takes the people, and it’s you – you are the people. You are what we want to be able to invest in to be able to provide those quality services. I honour you as the educators of St Nicholas and thank you for giving up your time today to come and be a part of that journey. I really do appreciate that you’ve given up your Saturday and you’re here to be inspired along the way as well.

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