Working at St Nicholas Early Education: Keryn


Keryn is an early childhood teacher in the ‘Turumpul’ Room at St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, with over 20 years’ experience in the early education and care industry.

Keryn has gradually progressed and grown more passionate over the course of her career, to the point where she wanted to further her education.

“I did my diploma first, then I felt like I wanted to go on and do my [Bachelor’s degree],” she said. “I always wanted to be a teacher, ever since I was little.”

Educators transitioning with children

As part of St Nicholas Early Education’s highly-regarded Transition to School program, one educator progresses along with the children, from room to room, until they eventually leave St Nick’s for kindergarten.

“I’ve been in the preschool room for two years, but we do have changes and we do work with other children. I’ve seen the pre-schoolers grow and they’re going off to school this year, so it’s very rewarding.”

This provides a constant for the children through their formative years, and with it, a sense of stability and reassurance that will support them in their transition from early learning into ‘big school’.

“I love St Nick’s because I love the children and I like working with families,” Keryn concludes.

Working at St Nicholas Early Education

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