Parent testimonial | Kim a mum at St Nicholas Early Education Raymond Terrace


Kim is the mother of Josh, who attends the preschool room three days a week at St Nicholas Early Education Raymond Terrace.

“He just absolutely loves it here,” Kim exclaims. “He loves all of his teachers, he loves all of his little friends and just everything about it.”

Orientation and getting to know the educators

St Nicholas Early Education encourages families to participate in an orientation program prior to commencing their scheduled days. The orientation process develops a sense of belonging to the community and establishes a meaningful connection between home and St Nick’s learning environment.

“Before we started here, we’d come in the week before for an orientation,” Kim explains. “The orientation was amazing. It was helpful, all the staff were helpful. I was nervous because [Josh] was very clingy and really shy, but as soon as he started here he was the total opposite.”

Communication and documentation

At St Nicholas Early Education, educators use meaningful documentation and communication to capture events or behaviours that relate to a child’s experience and learning.

One of these forms of documentation is the floor book, which is based on philosopher, Claire Warden’s practice which ensures children are part of their learning journey.

Using the information collected in the floor books and portfolios as a guide, educators evaluate and extend each child’s learning experience based on their strengths, interests, wants and needs.

“Every afternoon when I come in, I always have a look at the floor book to see what he’s done throughout the day,” Kim says. “It’s great because he doesn’t tell me anything at home.”

Enrolling your child at St Nicholas Early Education

Enrolments are open for St Nicholas Early Education Raymond Terrace. To learn more about enrolling your child, or if you’d like to schedule a tour and orientation, contact us here.

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