Parent testimonial | Kurt a dad at St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar


Kurt’s daughter, Jazlyn, has been attending St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar since it first opened in 2018.

“The reason we chose [St Nick’s Lochinvar],” Kurt says, “is because we developed a good relationship with the educators and we really feel that she’s getting a good education.”

“We feel really comfortable leaving our daughter [at the centre] three days a week. We feel as though we’re leaving her with family.”

Another impressive quality of the centre, Kurt says, is the flexible opening hours of the service.

“The pick-ups and drop-offs are really easy. We also enjoy that there’s a pick-up and drop-off coffee here as well. That’s really convenient.”

Communication between educators and families

Kurt also appreciates the closed Facebook page available for all parents, which documents and communicates the children’s daily learning and play.

“It communicates to us how [our daughter] is doing throughout the day,” Kurt says.

St Nicholas Early Education uses a very meaningful and authentic style of documentation and communication which allows both children and families to participate in the learning journey.

Child-led, play-based and Reggio Emilia-inspired early education and child care

“I do like how they have a great deal of outdoor equipment for my daughter,” he adds. “They have the slides, the sand pit, the backyard.”

St Nicholas Early Education employs a Reggio Emilia-influenced and play-based approach to early learning.

A child’s play is the foundation on which their learning journey is built. Play allows children to experience, explore, examine, discover, take risks, derive meaning and learn to solve problems - these are all the beginnings of a child’s literacy, social and cognitive skills.

“I know that when my daughter comes home with paint all over her face and sand in her shoes that she’s had a great day at St Nicholas,” Kurt says.

Contact St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar

To learn more about enrolling your child at any St Nicholas Early Education centre, contact us here. You can also experience St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar for yourself by requesting a one-on-one tour with centre director, Elisa.

You can also learn more about St Nicholas Early Education on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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