Parent testimonial | Lexie a mum at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West


Lexie, whose daughter attends St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West, loves St Nick’s because of the strong sense of community and family in all of our centres. Lexie feels this helps her daughter draw a connection between home life and day care life.

“[My daughter] spends a great deal of time here, it is essentially like a second home,” Lexie says. “It’s important that she’s comfortable and has that familiarity.”

Lexie also has a lot of positive things to say about the educators at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West. “Aside from being genuinely nice people, the educators are smart and competent  and very good communicators,” Lexie says. “I can be assured that, if there is an issue with my daughter, they’re going to bring that to me and I don’t have to worry that there are things happening that aren’t being brought to my attention.”

The community feel and the communication with families is part of St Nicholas Early Education’s commitment to families and the community. Through daily communication and shared decision making, St Nick’s welcomes families to assist us in providing the best outcomes for each child on their learning journey.

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St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West’s Outdoor Play Area

Another feature of our Newcastle West centre that attracted Lexie’s attention is the natural outdoor play area. Featuring outdoor play spaces, gardens and mud and sand pits for all programs, from the nursery through to the preschool room, St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West is one of the only child care centres in the Newcastle CBD to have an expansive outdoor area for children to enjoy.

Enrol now at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West

St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West is currently undertaking an expansion which will see the nursery program grow into several small group nurseries with a collective capacity of 32-places. We are now taking enquiries for our expanded service. To learn more, contact us here.

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