Meet Kirsty Liljegren, an Early Childhood Consultant with 30 years of experience


Kirsty Liljegren is an Early Childhood Consultant, Director and Teacher with over 30 years professional experience in the early education sector.

Having worked as an early learning teacher and director, she now focuses on consulting work, delivering professional development and pedagogical guidance to a number of different audiences around the world, inspiring others to reflect on their teaching practices and deepen their quest to be better educators.

“I get to work in many different contexts around the world, really focusing on pedagogy and practice,” Kirsty says of her work.

Kirsty uses a collaborative, consultative style to impart her extensive knowledge and experience of the Reggio Emilia and nature-based early learning philosophies to her clients.

St Nicholas Early Education’s Staff Conference 2019

In June 2019, over 120 educators from all St Nicholas Early Education centres across the Hunter attended a professional development day led by Kirsty Liljegren.

“I’m so excited to be here today,” Kirsty said of her involvement. “It’s a great initiative of St Nicholas to bring educators together so they have a shared experience and they can bring that back [to their respective centres] and think about, ‘What does this mean for us, how do we contextualise this, and how is this going to influence our practice?’”

Kirsty spent the day unpacking the Reggio Emilia approach to early education and shared information about its background and how St Nicholas educators can use its teachings in their daily programming.

“One of the underlying things that we’re focusing on today is how we see children,” Kirsty explained, “so how that ‘image of the child’ deeply impacts practice. It’s easy to say we see the capable, confident child, but what does that actually mean? How do we see their capabilities, how do we get to know the uniqueness in every child, and how do we respond to that with the curriculum and the environments that we’re creating with the diversity of children that we have?”

“I think it creates a buzz, an energy, a drive, to continue to learn about children and what’s possible,” she concluded.

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