Meet Selena: Director of St Nicholas Early Education Chisholm


Selena, who started as Centre Director at St Nicholas Early Education Chisholm in January 2018, speaks about what inspired her to apply for a role as Centre Director role with St Nicholas Early Education.

“I’ve been in the early education industry for just on 15-years. I’ve worked in long day care and after school care. I decided to make a change and apply for a job with St Nicholas.”

Selena was particularly interested in St Nicholas’ Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum.

“Part of the St Nicholas philosophy is to have a very child-centred program and that’s something I value here at St Nicholas Chisholm,” Selena said. “The children’s voices are heard throughout our program and they are involved in all of our planning and programming.”

Part of the children’s involvement, Selena says, is their direct contributions to their individual portfolios.

“[The portfolios] are a journey, a guide,” Selena said. “It shows how they have developed over their years at St Nicholas, so they will stay with them until they move off to kindergarten.”

One-stop drop-off at St Nicholas Early Education Chisholm

St Nick’s Chisholm is a 77-place centre which is co-located with St Aloysius Catholic Primary School. This makes it the perfect single drop-off point for parents who have children attending both.

About St Nicholas Early Education Chisholm

St Nicholas Early Education Chisholm boasts a 20-place nursery program for children up to the age of two years, a 12-place program for two-year-olds, a 20-place program for  three-year-olds and a 25-place preschool program catering to children aged four to five.

St Nicholas Chisholm’s stimulating and wondrous outdoor play area consists of both man-made and natural materials, creating challenging and diverse play opportunities for children of all ages.

If you would like more information about enrolling your child at St Nicholas Early Education Chisholm, simply fill out a contact form and a friendly member of our Chisholm team will be in contact with you shortly.

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