Meet the children of Cardiff


St Nicholas Early Education Cardiff is comprised of bright and stimulating classrooms, all opening onto an atrium-style outdoor play area featuring a combination of natural and man-made play equipment including a wooden pirate ship, complete with portholes, sails and a crow’s nest - all made from natural, locally-sourced wood and materials.

With so much to do and enjoy, there’s no wonder the children of Cardiff love coming to St Nick’s every day! We sat down and asked them a few questions about St Nick’s and life in general. Watch this video to find out what they had to say…

A child-centred, play-based curriculum

A child’s play is the foundation on which their learning journey is built. Play allows children to experience, explore, examine, discover, take risks, derive meaning and solve problems - these are all the beginnings of a child’s literacy, social and cognitive skills.

Allowing children to investigate, practice and master skills ensures that educators are scaffolding all the elements of children’s pre-literacy and pre-numeracy, so when it comes time for them to transition to school, children have grown into ready, capable and confident learners.

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