Mother nature as the third teacher


The importance of providing inclusive and sustainable learning environments that maximise and promote children’s learning is reflected in the learning program at every St Nicholas Early Education centre.

Utilising mother nature as the third teacher in an intentional and purposeful way helps to:

  • foster encounters, encourage communication and relationships;

  • create environments filled with natural light, order and wonder;

  • invite children to delve deeper, investigate and represent their learning through a range of mediums.

Lochinvar’s expansive, natural outdoor play spaces

Lynette, an educator at St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar and the Room Leader of their ‘Wipi’ Room, explains the importance placed on utilising Mother Nature as the third teacher at St Nick’s Lochinvar: “Our outdoor area is arranged in a way that there’s a lot of play-based learning [opportunities], like our sandstone sand pit, which we often put natural materials like shells and flowers for the children to use in their play.”

She continues, “We have our farm, which has its own water tank. It collects water, which gets pumped through to the mud kitchen in the top sandpit, so the children can use that in their play.”

“Our big decks enable us to take the inside, outside a lot of times. Often I’ll have group times on the deck and we’ll just sit on the mats and sing songs out in nature.”

Enrol at St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar

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