The benefits of music in early education


Cory, an educator at St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar, noticed the children in his room had developed a keen interest in music and dance, so he decided to incorporate his musical talents into the educational program at St Nicholas Early Education.

A Reggio Emilia-influenced curriculum

St Nicholas Early Education employs a curriculum that is Reggio Emilia-influenced, which is a pedagogy described as student-centred and constructivist that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments.

St Nicholas educators believe the experience of listening is imperative for children to engage in before more formal music learning experiences can take place.

When Cory plays, children are encouraged to react to the music in any way they see fit; they may want to dance, they may want to just sit and listen, or maybe they want to join in and create sound themselves. The way children react is a direct expression of their thoughts and emotions at the time.

Fellow Lochinvar educator, Lynette also believes music is beneficial in a Reggio-influenced early learning environment.

“Very often we’ll take some instruments out onto the deck and have group times out there,” she says. “The children love it because it allows them to connect with their environment using all of their senses, so sound and music is a big part of that.”

Play-based learning

St Nicholas Early Education’s General Operations Manager, Kerri Armstrong believes play-based learning such as this is the foundation on which a child’s learning journey is built.

“Play allows children to experience, explore, examine, discover, take risks, derive meaning and learn to solve problems - these are all the beginnings of a child’s literacy, social and cognitive skills,” she says.

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