One campus, one community: St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar


“One of the great things about how we’re set up here at St Nicholas Lochinvar,” Centre Director, Elisa, says, “is that we can take children from 6 weeks to 6 years and then the children can go to school next door, which is kindergarten to year 6, and then we’ve actually got a high school across the road, which is year 7 to 12 now, so the idea of us all being on one campus is very appealing to families.”

Our Transition to School program

St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar’s Transition to School program allows preschool children to participate in regular visits to St Patrick’s Primary School, which introduces them to the primary setting so they aren’t so overwhelmed when it comes time for them to start kindergarten.

“I communicate very regularly with the principals at both schools,” Elisa says. “I actually just emailed the principal at St Patrick’s yesterday and we discussing our Transition to School program, which runs in terms 3 and 4.”

“Part of that program is we [take the preschool children to St Patrick’s] every week and join in on any activities they might be doing over there. We visit the canteen, utilise their library and more. We also go over there for special events, so we were very fortunate to recently participate in their Easter Hat Parade.”

The Lochinvar community

“Living locally has definitely given me a real advantage when it comes to talking to families,” Elisa says. “Just yesterday I had a walkthrough where the family were new to the area and they were just wondering about what was around. I was able to speak to some of the local schools and direct them to where some of the playgroups are located.”

But St Nicholas’ engagement with the local community doesn’t end there. Elisa and the rest of Lochinvar’s team of educators are always looking for opportunities to either bring members of the local community into St Nicholas or take the children out.

Elisa discusses some of the visitors the Lochinvar centre has seen recently: “We had All Area Speech come and they were doing speech and language assessments with our children aged over 4 years. We’ve also had hearing assessments done and we had a Steps Vision screening as well.”

Collaborative partnerships with parents and families

But the most important community, Elisa says, is that made up of the children, parents, families and educators of St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar, and they are all working together to make St Nicholas and the world a better place.

“The families here really like to participate in our program,” Elisa explains. “Very often we’ll have a family say, ‘Is there anything that we can contribute to the program?’ So, what we’ve done is we’ve taken all that energy and we’ve created a ‘Sustainability Station’ in our foyer.”

“It’s a place where parents can come of a morning or an afternoon and drop off some recycled things from home. At the moment we’re looking for Moccona jars, for example. They get used for putting paints and things in our classrooms. So, it’s just a lovely way of recycling and getting parents involved in our program.”

Enrol at St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar

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