Parent testimonial | Michelle a mum at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West


Michelle is a mum at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West where her son, Oscar, attends the preschool room.

“He loves his teachers, he loves his friends, he’s always happy, he’s always excited to go [to St Nick’s],” Michelle says of her son’s experience.

Child-centred, play-based learning

One of the things Michelle appreciates most about the educational program at St Nick’s is its child-centred, play-based focus.

“I love the educational program that’s offered to Oscar,” Michelle says. “Educators look at all the [children’s] individual personalities and they cater [their educational program] to them.”

This is because St Nicholas Early Education utilises a Reggio Emilia-influenced approach to early learning, which values children as strong, capable, resilient, and rich with wonder and knowledge. According to this approach, each child brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it.

“Oscar has never really been into craft activities or anything where you have to sit down because he loves sport,” she explains, “so his educators introduced craft activities that incorporate sports.”

Communication and documentation of learning

There are a number of ways in which St Nicholas educators document the learning journey of children in their care.

Each child has an individual portfolio, which is available to families at any time to view the learning that has occurred throughout their time in care.

There is also a closed Facebook group for each centre, which is a more informal way of keeping parents up to date with the latest educational experiences and events that have taken place throughout the children’s day.

Another means of documentation and communication is through floor books, which are based on philosopher, Claire Warden’s practice. Her research outlines the value of children’s voices being included in their learning journey.

“The information we get, as parents, every day is so [great],” Michelle says. “We always look at the floor book and there’s so much in there – you can get a snapshot of [the children’s] whole day and you know that it’s been great.”

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