Parent testimonial | Pip a mum at St Nicholas Early Education Singleton


Pip is a mother of two boys; an eight-year-old who previously attended St Nicholas Early Education Singleton and a four-year-old who currently attends the centre.

She thoroughly enjoyed her St Nicholas Early Education experience with her first son, so when it came time for her younger son to enter childcare she decided that he would attend as well.

“We loved our time here with our eldest son. We find that it’s very much a family-orientated environment and very nurturing,” Pip said of the overall experience.

One aspect of the service that stands out for Pip is the sense of belonging that both her and her family feel by attending the service.

“It’s also fantastic that there is such a smooth transition into the [local] Catholic school here,” Pip said. “I think it provides the children with a sense of identity, of where they belong, so it’s very much opening up their social networks as well.”

Pip also appreciates the family involvement that St Nicholas encourages: “There’s a lot of family engagement. We’re here for Father’s Day, we’re here for Mother’s Day.”

Entrusting her children to someone else was challenging for Pip at first, but she found the kindness and overall professionalism of the St Nick’s team to be very reassuring: “Leaving the boys was always difficult. In both situations with my children, the girls have been fantastic.”

Pip feels the team at Singleton is: “very supportive and very approachable.”

What really sold the service for Pip is how engaged St Nicholas Early Education Singleton is with the local community.

“They’re really engaged with both the primary and secondary schools, which the children will move onto,” Pip said. “It also provided a lot of opportunities for growth in terms of going on day trips and field trips.”

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