Parents applaud St Nick’s Transition to School program: ‘It’s an amazing head start for them’


St Nicholas Early Education’s Transition to School program facilitates a seamless transition into the primary school environment by building a child’s social and emotional confidence as well as the foundational skills necessary to ensure starting primary school is a positive and enriching experience.

At St Nick’s, the Transition to School program doesn’t begin just prior to a child starting kindergarten; it begins from the moment they are enrolled at St Nicholas. To assist with this, an educator transitions along with the child as they progress from room to room within a centre, from the nursery through to graduation from preschool. This ensures each child at St Nick’s is guided and supported by someone they are comfortable with.

What our parents have to say about our Transition to School Program

Melissa, a parent whose child attends St Nicholas Early Education Chisholm admits leaving her baby was scary at first, but was comforted by the fact that her son would be building meaningful, long-term relationships with his educators thanks to the Transition to School Program.

“Leaving a baby at St Nicholas was a little bit scary, but at the same time, knowing that one of the educators will transition with Archie was really reassuring that they do know my child,” Melissa said. “It gives me peace of mind as he transitions through all of the rooms and then into Catholic education.”

Pip, a parent whose child attends St Nicholas Early Education Singleton, loves the Transition to School Program because she feels it provides her children with a sense of belonging to the Catholic community: “It’s very much opening up their social networks and developing their sense of identity within the community,” she said.

St Nicholas Cardiff parent, Britt credits the Transition to School program as the primary reason she chose St Nick’s for her twin girls.

“I have twin four-year-olds and they’re going off to school soon, so I really want them to be supported and ready for school,” Britt said.

Enrolling your child at St Nicholas Early Education

To learn more about St Nick’s Transition to School program and finding out how you can enrol your child at St Nicholas Early Education contact us here.

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