Partnering with parents to heighten children’s educational experience


St Nicholas Early Education employs an educational program that is based off of children’s interests, so developing strong relationships with parents is an important part of honing those interests.

“We have a play-based learning program,” Lochinvar educator, Cory says, “so everything we do [in our program] is based off children who have come up with an idea and we turn that into a lesson.”

Educational portfolios and floor books

There are a few ways that St Nicholas educators record children’s development, Cory says.

“Parents can come in and look at the written program, or they can look at what’s happening through the day, which is through our floor books,” he says.

“Whether it’s fine motor movements, gross motor movements, or even those more complex things in education, we can help parents understand how everything works.”

But, St Nicholas educators also understand that the most important and valuable form of communication is face-to-face.

Collaborative partnerships with parents

In respecting our families’ beliefs, values and philosophies, St Nicholas educators strive to create an environment that encourages active participation in our learning programs to create a sense of belonging to the St Nicholas community.

Families are encouraged to communicate their desires and educational goals for their children and these are reflected in the learning program.

“If parents ever need to make a phone call to see how their children are going throughout the day we’re always happy to take the call,” Cory explains. “If they ever want to organise a meeting with us and talk about their children’s progress we’re always happy to have those conversations as well.”

“We’re always making sure that [parents are] feeling really comfortable with the environment and that we have a connection, not just with their children, but with them as well.”

Enrolling your child at St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar

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