Promoting environmental responsibility at Raymond Terrace


St Nicholas Early Education actively embeds sustainable practices into everyday centre operations by encouraging and supporting children to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment.

Every centre’s team of educators have their own unique ways of working with children to care for the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

Partnering sustainability with play-based learning

At St Nicholas Early Education Raymond Terrace, educator Amber partners sustainable practices with play-based learning experiences in an effort to get the children excited about environmental care.

“St Nicholas [Early Education] is all about sustainability and I think that’s really important because it’s the children’s future,” Amber says. “They’re learning about what to do to conserve their future.”

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Part of Raymond Terrace’s efforts surrounding sustainability includes an interactive and engaging recycling program.

The children and their educators sort through materials from their crafts, lunch and everyday learning activities to find ways of reducing their waste, reusing materials for future projects, or recycling, and when it comes to recycling the children lead the way.

“We take the children down to the carpark and we go through the rubbish and talk about what goes into the recycling bin and what goes into the rubbish bin,” Amber explains.

“They use the containers that we put our rubbish in to sort it, so we talk about the cans, the plastics, the cardboard and what goes where.”

Their efforts extend beyond everyday recycling to include their food scraps, too.

“Our food scraps that we collect throughout the day or that Karlene [Raymond Terrace’s child care cook] collects in the kitchen, that all goes into a basket and Lauren [Raymond Terrace’s Centre Director] takes it home for her chickens.”

Caring for the gardens

Raymond Terrace’s immersive outdoor environment features a number of lush gardens filled with various plants, herbs and vegetables. Part of the children’s educational program involves the opportunity to water and care for these gardens.

“The children are really excited and motivated to help us care for them,” Amber says. “We also talk about not wasting that water because it really is precious”

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