St Nicholas Early Education's commitment to early childhood educators


At St Nicholas Early Education we understand that our educators are our first and best resource when it comes to the delivery of our cild-led, play-based and Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum. 

With this in mind, St Nicholas Early Education is committed to providing each and every one of our educators with an environment that acknowledges their experience, their diversity and their professionalism.

Our commitment to our educators doesn’t end there. St Nicholas Early Education is dedicated to providing ongoing professional development opportunities so educators in our centres can grow individually and as part of a team.

Educators in our centres are supported by members of a head office team who come from an early childhood education background. This means they are able to offer high-value support because they know what it is like to be the “boots on the ground” in an early childhood education setting.

It is our goal to ensure that being employed by St Nicholas Early Education is a great experience for any educator.

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