St Nicholas Early Education's Transition to School Program


At St Nicholas Early Education, we are committed to supporting children and families in the transition from preschool into a primary school environment.

Many of our early education centres are co-located with our local Catholic primary schools. This allows us to embark on excursions with our preschoolers into the primary school environment.

As a part of our Transition to School Program, children are given the opportunity to experience the school canteen, visit the school library, see the kindergarten rooms and sometimes even enjoy eating their lunch on the primary school playground. Excursions to local Catholic primary schools provide an opportunity for preschoolers to see, hear, feel and experience what the primary school environment is all about.

Creating confident, capable young learners

St Nicholas Early Education’s Transition to School Program ensures that, by the time a child enrolled in St Nicholas’ preschool program is ready to transition into kindergarten, they have grown into confident and capable young learners. Upon entering kindergarten, children who have taken part in our Transition to School Program will also have a sense of belonging within the primary school environment.

Nurturing each child’s wellbeing in this provides them with the best start we can give them.

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