What does St Nick’s Transition to School program look like?


St Nicholas Early Education is committed to supporting children and families in the transition from preschool to primary school.

Many St Nick’s centres are co-located with Catholic primary schools, which allows educators to take preschool children on excursions to explore and adjust to the primary environment.

St Nicholas Early Education’s Transition to School program ensures that, when the time comes for a child to transition into kindergarten, they have grown into confident and capable young learners.

What our Transition to School program looks like outside our centres

“Our Transition to School program starts in term 3 and continues into term 4,” Keryn, an educator at St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar explains. “We visit the school next door, St Patrick’s Primary School. We go there once a week and the children engage in activities like visiting the library to enjoy story time.”

“They are able to visit the canteen and buy an ice block if they wish. They also visit the kindergarten classroom and engage with the kindergarten children. They get to see how the kindergarten classrooms are set out and see what happens in a typical day for kindergarten children. And they get to know the kindergarten teachers as well.”

All of these experiences and more help children gain a sense of belonging to the primary school environment.

What our Transition to School program looks like inside our centres

St Nicholas’ Transition to School program is about more than just introducing children to the primary environment though; it’s about making sure they are mentally and emotionally prepared for the change of learning environment by nurturing their sense of inner wellbeing.

“We also explore emotions and feelings to teach emotional intelligence,” Keryn explains. “We’ve been working with a book that’s called ‘In My Heart’, which explores how we feel within our bodies and how we express ourselves, whether we’re happy, or sad, or scared, or angry.”

Preschool children also practice typical primary school experiences to further prepare them for their transition to primary school.

“The children bring their own lunch boxes so they can get used to having a packed lunch,” Keryn says. “We also get them to pack their bags at the end of the day, so they’re taking that responsibility themselves, ready for big school.”

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