Working at St Nicholas Early Education: Amber


Amber has been an educator at St Nicholas Early Education Raymond Terrace since it first opened in early 2019.

Since then, she’s been able to watch the centre’s various parents, educators and children grow into the warm, welcoming and family-oriented community that it is today.

“I just love coming to work and seeing the children – their beautiful faces,” Amber says. “I also love the team I work with. Everyone is always really happy, excited and keen to be at work, which I love.”

A child-centred, play-based curriculum

But Amber’s love of St Nick’s extends to more than just the positive atmosphere; she also loves their approach to early childhood education, which places the child at the centre of their own learning journey.

“St Nicholas Early Education is all about play-based learning,” Amber explains. “The children learn more when they’re engaged with what they’re interested in. So, they actually lead their own learning because we program for the children’s interests.”

St Nicholas Educators work with each child on an individual level to gain an understanding of their wants, needs, interests and strengths.

In developing learning experiences, each child’s unique voice is included in the curriculum as educators look at how children are interacting with their environment and how they can extend each child’s learning.

Working at St Nicholas Early Education

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