Working at St Nicholas Early Education: Emilia


The special relationship between educators and the children at our centres is at the heart of what makes St Nicholas Early Education so special says Raymond Terrace Educator, Emilia.

“I love building those relationships with [the children],” Emilia said. “Walking in every day and seeing them smiling up at me and excited to start their day is just the best feeling in the world.”

Working in St Nicholas Early Education Raymond Terrace’s nursery, Emilia believes the care and support that she and her fellow educators provide to children at this pivotal moment in their development is remarkable.

“Holding them, giving them lots of cuddles, supporting them when they need it and nurturing them – it’s beautiful.”

Emilia believes that the quality of educators is equally important. Having worked across other early childhood services , Emilia said the quality of the educators is the result of the high standard of recruitment and training led by St Nicholas.

Another factor is the support that educators give each other.

“St Nicholas is a very supportive organisation,” Emilia said. “Educators  at every centre I’ve been involved with have been really lovely and supportive.”

The strong support network afforded to educators when they join St Nicholas Early Education doesn’t stop at the educator-to-educator level.

There is also the support of a corporate team whose members are committed to ensuring all staff work in an environment that acknowledges their experience, diversity and professionalism.

Working at St Nicholas Early Education

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