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Curiosity drives toddlers and children to explore and experience the world around them. It is this innate curiosity which inspires a child’s interest in developing an understanding of their surroundings and their place within their community. With the importance of curiosity in mind, at St Nicholas Early Education our child-led, play-based and Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum nurtures each child’s desire for discovery and expanded horizons.

The understanding of the innateness of curiosity is at the heart to St Nicholas Early Education’s approach to early learning and child care.

St Nicholas Early Education’s commitment to children: child-led, play-based early education

Using a child-led, play-based and Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to early education, St Nicholas Early Education is committed to fostering a positive, nurturing and trusting relationship with your child so they develop a sense of belonging at St Nicholas Early Education.

Viewing children as capable, creative and confident learners, the curriculum at St Nicholas Early Education is designed to ignite your child’s natural curiosity and inbuilt desire to learn in order to create a sense of being for your child.

Drawing upon a curriculum which puts your child at the centre of their own learning journey, St Nicholas Early Education’s team of educators create unique provocations which encourage your child to follow their own passions and interests. This sets your child on the path to becoming a confident learner.

St Nicholas Early Education’s commitment to families and community: communication and shared-decision making

At St Nichola Early Education we believe an important element of early education is fostering an understanding of a child’s place within their family and the community. Through solid and ongoing communication with families as well as having early education centres that are woven into the fabric of local communities, St Nicholas Early Education works to build a bright future and a positive outcome for your child.

Through daily communication and shared-decision making, we welcome you, as parents and carers, to be involved in your child’s learning journey.

Each St Nicholas Early Education centre integrates with the local community. Each centre also seeks to incorporate the surrounding landscape into natural play elements to create a play environment to encourage your child’s desire for exploration and discovery.

We also promote community involvement by embarking on excursions to nearby local facilities, by inviting visitors from neighbouring businesses and services, and by supporting local causes such as the recent drought appeal.

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